IPL calves / thighs with medical device – 1x treatment

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Description of treatment

An effective and powerful medical laser that removes unwanted hair from a painless and permanent method. It is suitable for the treatment of the whole body and hard-to-reach places and guarantees the best result after only 5 treatments. This medical laser excels on the market with its speed and intensity of impulse to remove all hairs by a painless and gentle method.

The parameters of this device enable high-quality procedures for which most competing devices are not enough. It is the only device in the world that removes light and gray hair.


– Permanent epilation of dark, gray and light hairs

Laser epilation procedure:

Laser epilation can be performed anywhere on the body. The laser beam selectively targets the hair and the thermal energy that the laser emits jsjede´´ along the hair into the hair follicle and destroys it there. During laser epilation, we permanently remove the hair with the onion. The procedure is very gentle and, thanks to the application of an anesthetic cream, it is almost painless. The treatment time depends on the selected lot. In the case of smaller areas, it is usually completed within 15 minutes. Laser hair removal is suitable for both women and men.

Suitable for hair removal: on the arms, legs, armpits, chest, back, groin, chin and lip area.

Important information before the procedure:

shave your hair the evening before the procedure
do not pluck or wax your hair for 4 weeks before treatment with wax or sugar paste
the laser is not suitable for freshly tanned skin
do not use self-tanning creams before the procedure
after laser epilation, reduce sun exposure and apply a cream with SPF 50+ to the treated areas
The laser acts only on the hair in the active growth phase, it is necessary to repeat the treatment several times. As a result, all hairs will be gradually removed. Usually 4-5 sessions with a interval of 4-8 weeks between therapies are required. But you will see the improvement after the first treatment. The hair will decrease significantly and become finer.


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