Injection lipolysis – Chin

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Description of treatment

We offer the client a gentle solution in reduction the chin, while an aesthetic problem, but may be a functional problem of the organism as a whole. With use of the unique, new DermaJet, the serum is applied directly affect the affected area. The effect is beneficial for the lymphatic system and fat cells, proving to be a revolutionary method of treatment.

Indication: Due to its large capacity to metabolize stored fat and produce energy, the serum is indicated in the treatment of localized fat. The serum dissolves free fatty acids that are then eliminated through the lymphatic system. The result is a clear, visible reduction in the volume of the area to be treated.


  • Reservation Prague – by phone: 607 630 910
  • Above standard individual approach:
    • According to the age of the client
    • According to the client’s needs
    • According to the client’s health condition
  • Exclusively certified preparations
  • Intended for women aged 20 and over
  • 1x voucher = 1x treatment
  • Time-saving and painless surgery. The treatment lasts only 10 minutes and repeats according to the client’s needs (6 treatments for the final effect)

We provide comprehensive care for our clients, which is performed by our team of experts. The technical equipment and medical procedures are performed according to the latest scientific knowledge in a luxurious environment in the center of Prague with parking.