Plasma Therapy – Face

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Description of treatment

Want to give your skin a youthful look with a fabric that is inherent in your body? Plasma therapy is an application of enriched blood plasma. Naturally, it will start restoring everything important in the skin and slow down the aging process for a few more weeks after the procedure.

It is done from the client’s own blood. By centrifugation of blood plasma containing growth factors, platelets, stem cells and white blood cells. All with the AquaSkin Vital, DermaPen, DermaJet, or manually. (the method of application always depends on the skin condition of the patient and which doctor will decide on the spot). Specially prepared plasma is applied deeper (microneedles) inside the cells. It has no side effects and risks.

Suitable for: face, neck, décolleté, backs of hands, lips, acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, thinning eyebrows and hairline.


  • regenerates skin cells
    rejuvenates tired and withered skin
    smoothes wrinkles
    Eliminates significantly aging traces
    promotes hair growth
    scar correction and healing improvement
    Recommended applications: 2-3 for more pronounced effect, up to 6x can be applied


  • Reservation – by phone: 607 630 910
    Above standard individual approach:
    by age of the client
    according to the client’s needs
    according to the client’s health
    Exclusively certified preparations
    Designed for women and men from 25 years
    1x voucher = 1x facial treatment
    The application is not time consuming, it only takes 1 hour

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