Plasma therapy with stem cells

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Description of treatment

Plasma therapy with stem cells

Stem cell therapy is the latest trend in aesthetic medicine. It is mainly used to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and décolletage, but it is also very effective in promoting hair growth. At our clinic we apply DERMAHEAL Stem Crum SR for skin rejuvenation by classical mesotherapy or dermaroller.

It is the only product on the market to contain adipocyte stem cell extracts. Stem cell extracts with growth factors both increase the number of existing skin cells but, in particular, promote the formation of new skin cells, visibly rejuvenating the skin, increasing its elasticity and smoothing wrinkles. The skin is visibly younger after the application of the whole treatment, maximally hydrated and regenerated.

As the only product on the market, Stem Crum SR (Skin Rejuvenation) contains stem cell extracts from human adipocytes, not insignificant extracts from different plants.

The treatment is suitable for patients over 30 years of age, with a total of 5 applications, 3-4 weeks apart.