Eyebrows – PhiBrows microblading

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Description of treatment

Eyebrows – PhiBrows microblading
Phibrows microblading is a very natural method of permanent makeup (PMU). Its biggest advantage is the completely natural look of the eyebrows thanks to the so-called wrinkle, where the individual hairs are depicted by a disposable blade in the sequence of natural eyebrow growth. The pigment is applied to the top layer of the skin, ensuring color stability, without blue and red tones. Properly performed microblanding lasts approximately 1 – 1.5 years in the skin depending on the type of skin and then naturally light.

The treatment at our clinic is carried out by Mrs. Tereza Tillmannová, who several years ago underwent an accredited PMU (permanent make-up) retraining course and a nationwide skin integrity test as part of her long-term cosmetic practice. However, in early 2018, she decided to extend her knowledge of permanent tattoos to the most prestigious academy – the globally recognized PhiAcademy. After several months of training, she became a “PhiBrows artist” and earned her logo that stands for prestige, work with the finest materials and the highest manual skills in the field of permanent makeup. Since 2018, she has received further training and courses to expand her services. In her work she is constantly improving and adhering to the latest trends in order to provide her future clients with the best care.

And what does this specialist advise before treatment?

1) What is important min. 24h BEFORE TREATMENT:

• Leave soothing medicines – Ibalgin, Aspirin, Brufen, etc. – 24 hours before application.
• Do not drink coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, Coca-Cola and other caffeine-containing drinks
– all of these things speed up blood flow and therefore unnecessary leaching of the pigment could occur

2) On the day of treatment, except that the above points are still valid, please come unpainted except eyebrows
• please make up your eyebrows just as you are used to (it is important for me to know what you are used to, and this will also be partly based on drawing the shape)
• Please clean the rest of your face with makeup and powder (please do not use micellar water!)

3) Ideal shape of eyebrows – detail:
• it may be new to some of you, but the shape of the eyebrows is not just one and each woman has the ideal shape given in her face.
• first draw the eyebrows, then check in a special application that both eyebrows are seated in the same way, followed by discussions and consultations on eg width etc.
• Concerns are not necessary, I always try to reach a compromise

4) Applications – Phase 1 and Phase 2:
• Once we have focused our eyebrows and agreed everything (including the color of the pigment we use), we can move on to the first stage of microblading.
• it is drawing individual hairs with a special disposable blade.
• The color to be applied is chosen according to your natural hair growth and the color of natural eyebrow hair to make the microblading as natural as possible.
• I draw an eyebrow hair by hair
• Anesthesia is then applied to the perforated skin, making the eyebrows fully numb
• Phase 2 follows, where every hair already drawn is carefully filled with pigment to bring in as much color as possible
• Finally, rub the eyebrows and let them work for a while
• after these two phases it is possible to add a shading or shading to the eyebrows, which will highlight it and give a 3D effect overall

5) Post-treatment care:
• It is important to realize that post-treatment care is up to 60% success.
• care after application is not difficult, it is simply wiping and lubricating eyebrows with a special cream
• first with a moisturized facial tampon and then wiping the eyebrows dry
• Lastly, apply a thin layer of special ointment on your eyebrows, which you receive from me and is included in the price of the application
• this process MUST be repeated every hour after treatment. The application site should thus be wiped at least 5x-6x per day. However, this care is only performed on the day of application.
• from the next day you do not care about your eyebrows. BUT….
For 2-3 weeks, avoid the following:
– do not soak your eyebrows
– do not apply any cream, make-up, powder, etc. on your eyebrows.
– do not visit the solarium, swimming pool, sauna, steam, etc.
– omit the physical load that you sweat more
– the eyebrows should be as dry and clean as possible!

6) Healing + correction:
• the eyebrows darken the next day after application – it will be even darker than on the day of application. Don’t worry! The color is still 40% lighter
• during the healing process (peeling off the scabs, never remove the scabs! Approx. 2 weeks after application, you can see that your eyebrows are disappearing. This is a standard process, the color slowly returns within a few days
• it may happen that in some places, unfortunately, it does not get caught.
• If this happens, we will correct everything to your satisfaction – after about 4-6 weeks
• correction is the same as the application. Again, the color is applied to the entire eyebrow to better fix the color.
• correction is less time consuming (approx. 1.5 – 2 hours)

Contraindications: Hemophilia, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, HIV, facial skin disease, facial eczema, congenital weakness