MESOTHERAPY – Painless acne removal and treatment of acne scars – Face

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Description of treatment

Mesotherapy with DermaJet pen

“A unique method to achieve beautiful skin.”

Using the 11-pin applicator pen, we create thousands of microchannels to inject 90% of the applied AcneZon serum.

Serum composition:Water, witch hazel extract (Hamamelis), Azeloglicine®, sodium hyaluronate, propolis, salicylic acid, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, lysine, arginine, leucine, valine, glutamic

Indications: Treats oily skin by reducing and regulating the formation of sebum. Removes dead skin cells and bacteria. Activates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers, thereby reducing the appearance of atrophic scars or dimples. Restores the appearance of healthy skin tone.

Atrophic scars:

The scar is an indentation created by a wund that heals below the normal layer of skin tissue.

Atrophic scars are indented with clear delineations. It is caused by the destruction of collagen during an inflammatory condition such as cystic acne or chickenpox.

Scarring is a process necessary to heal skin tissue after injury. However, abnormalor disturbed collagen production can cause poor skin surface restoration and irregularities in skin texture.. The appearance or severity of the scar is determined by various factors, including the depth and size of injuries, heredity, ethnicity, and age.

While these scars are harmless, they are more susceptible to environmental factors such as sun damage.

Atrophic scars are easy to diagnose, typically characterized by the indentation in comparison to the surrounding skin. Sometimes, scar tissue becomes more sensitive, so proper care consisting of a mild cleanser, ideally in liquid or gel form (Vermione Gel).Vermione Gel relieves the skin of impurities, excessive sebum, bacteria withoutt irritating the skin. It is advisable to avoid classic solid soap, as it may dry out the skin, excessively.

The micro-needle method has benefits beyond rejuvenation and skin hydration, as the active ingredients in serum guarantee excellent results in:

  • Reducing sebum production
  • Balancing color imperfections
  • Rejeuventing and tightening skin by stimulating collagen and elastin
  • Improving elasticity – skin elasticity
  • Correction of acne scars, smallpox, and stretch marks
  • Pore ​​contraction

Micro-needle is an innovative treatment method that activates the production of long-acting collagen and triggers a cascade of rejuvenating processes in the skin.

The method is suitable for all skin types, reverses skin aging, improves skin elasticity, smoothes fine wrinkles, eliminates scars and irregularities, brightens the skin and significantly improves the overall condition. Regenerative effects are the result when the appropriate serum is used. The treatment is suitable for all ages and results are visible after the first treatment. Treatment areas include the face, the backs of the hands, neck, décolletage, stretch marks, softening of scars, scalp treatment for hair loss, etc.

The method is safe without risk of pigmentation or scarring after the procedure. The needles are very thin and the application pen makes the treatment quick and accurate. To increase comfort, anesthetizing cream can be used before the procedure, after which the treatment is completely painless.

Treatment:Number of recommended treatments:Healing time after one treatment:Repeat treatment:
Acne4-65-7 dníOnce a month
You will receive detailed information about the procedure at your personal consulation.

The final decision is always yours.

The consultation can be ordered by phone: 607 630 910

What to prepare for?

  • The skin may be slightly swollen and reddish for the rest of the day
  • Make-up can be applied after 48 hours.
  • Complete healing will take place within 5-7 days.
  • The treatment is done once a month, we recommend to repeat the series of treatments as recommended.
  • After the treatment, the skin regenerates spontaneously for 4-6 months.


  • Reservations by phone: 607 630 910
  • Above standard individual approach:
    • according to the age of the client
    • according to the client’s needs
    • -according to the client’s health
  • Exclusively certified preparations
  • Designed for both women and men
  • 1x voucher = treatment of one part – face, back shoulders or décolleté
  • The treatment is not time consuming and only takes 1 hour.

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