About the clinic

Vermione Clinic is a new medical center of aesthetics and dermatology operated by a team of experienced healthcare professionals and doctors.

Based on our professional experience, our clinic offers invasive and non-invasive treatments utilising modern and certified medical devices. This provides you with the highest quality care and advice in the field of dermatology, aesthetics, nutrition, and overall lifestyle.

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Advantages of our clinic

  • We are the showroom and consulting center for Estemed - with the most advanced medical devices available.
  • As one of the few clinics in the Czech Republic, we use quality Swiss instruments.
  • We are the only clinic in the Czech Republic that produces its own dermatological cosmetics,Vermione.
  • Don't know what treatment is right for you? Want to learn more about treatment? Feel free to ask. Our experienced doctors will be happy to advise you.
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  • We would like to become your professional medical clinic. We would like to provide you the next step to your wellness by providing professional assistance in the care of your body, skin, and mental health.
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